Nick’s Trading Diary -Thursday 28th February 2019

Planning on spending a lot of the day here in my home office catching up on ‘admin’ plus watching my collection of favourite charts. Any trades I take will be detailed below.

09:55am:   The only possible opportunity so far this morning is on the UK FTSE-100 15-min chart – but I need to wait until the next candle forms before considering it.

10:05am:  I am now in a ‘short’ position on the above mentioned chart. It’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-A set-up with an 11 pip stop loss.

10:40am:  I’m going to help a neighbour for an hour or so, so I have set my ‘take-profit’ at +20 pips on my FTSE position and kept the stop loss at 11 pips.

12:30pm:   Back home now and just noticed that my FTSE trade has been stopped out at -11 pips.

13:55pm:  I am now in a ‘long’ position on my 15-min WTI Crude Oil chart, it’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-B pattern with a 20 pip stop loss.

15:45pm:   Just taken a profit on my WTI Crude position, it has ended at +36 pips giving me an overall score for the day of +25 pips.

Switching my screens off now ahead of a long weekend break although I shall still be sending out my Trading-Guidance Sheet and Trading-Ideas Chart to subscribers early tomorrow morning.

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