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Friday 27th April 2012 – Spain Has Credit Rating Cut Again

April 27th, 2012

10:00am  ~  Hello to you all from a windy Suffolk, and again today I shall be spending the majority of the morning answering emails regarding the launch of my latest trading system manual – and update of my “Any-Time” system that I’ve been using to trade the markets since 2006. The news this morning on [...]

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Thursday 26th April 2012 ~ UK In Double Dip Recession

April 26th, 2012

7:30pm  ~   Although the weather up here on the Suffolk coast has been fairly terrible, I did manage a 19 mile cycle ride early this morning, then back here to the cottage for an hour’s catch up on emails followed by lunch at The Swan. There has been more news on the business channels today [...]

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New UPDATED “Any-Time” System Manual Available Now

April 24th, 2012

I have just released my updated “Any-Time” system manual, it’s a long-overdue improvement on the original 2006 book. The main changes/new advantages are as follows: Six more reversal patterns, so there are many more trading opportunities during your trading session. These work on ANY instrument you choose. These strategies can be used by new traders [...]

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Software Problems With Blog Entries + Skype Calls

April 23rd, 2012

You may have noticed some of these blog post missing, do not worry I’ve NOT stopped trading just had some trouble uploading them in the past few weeks. We are trying a new ‘fix’ next week so hopefully you’ll be able to read the updates posts soon. Don’t forget, if you want to talk to [...]

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Monday 9th April 2012 – Bank Holiday In The UK

April 9th, 2012

9:05pm  ~   Evening to you all – I hope you’ve all had a nice relaxing weekend break – especially those of you (like me) who’ve had four days off due to our bank holiday. Although it is a ‘Bank-Holiday’ here in the UK there have been trading opportunities as the U.S. markets are still functioning [...]

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Friday 6th April 2012 – Good Friday Bank Holiday In The UK

April 6th, 2012

11:15am  ~ Good morning to you all, and if you’re in the UK, you’ll be having an extra day off as its ‘Good-Friday’ and part of the easter weekend holiday. This coming Monday is also a holiday for us, so I will not be back to my charts until next Tuesday (10th April). I did [...]

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Wednesday 4th April 2012

April 4th, 2012

8:05am  ~  Despite feeling well below par this morning, I was down here in the kitchen at 6:30am with a strong coffee and 2 laptops open watching a few charts for trade set-ups with my 2 ‘day-trading‘ systems. Just after 7 o’clock I could see the start of a potential trade on my GOLD chart, [...]

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Tuesday 3rd April 2012

April 3rd, 2012

10:15am  ~  Hello to you all, I’ve had a bit of a lie-in this morning after a late arrival back to the UK last night. I have a mountain of emails to get through, so I’ll be concentrating on those today together with 4 Skype calls as well. I will report back later as I [...]

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My “Evening” Trading Results For March 2012

April 3rd, 2012

Good morning, I am pleased to announce that my “Trade With A Day Job” evening trading system produced +565 pips last month (March ’12) even though I did not trade every evening. This figure does not include any trading I have done with my “Day-Trading” systems, they usually produce the same figure again. Due to [...]

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Monday 2nd April 2012 ~ 1st Quarter Gains For Equity Markets

April 2nd, 2012

10:05am  ~  Good morning to you all, there will not be much trading from me today, I’ve agreed a deal on a house out here so we’re all going down to the sellers ‘solicitor’ and the local ‘Notario’ this morning to finalise the deal then I’ll catching the early evening flight back to Stansted – [...]

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