Nicks’ Trading Diary – Wednesday 12th December 2018

I am planning a day in my office and I’ll be watching my charts from time to time. Trades I take will be detailed below:

08:55am:  Nothing to report so far, the European markets are settling down after the open.

09:40am:    Off for a cycle ride in the sunshine, my charts are quiet with regard to opportunities.

11:10am:     I have just taken a ‘long’ position on my UK FTSE-100 chart – it’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-B set-up on the 15-min chart with a 12 pip stop loss.

13:55pm:   The FTSE-100 price has not risen as quickly as I had hoped and earlier got stuck around 6900 but a few seconds ago it rose just above this level which enabled me to grab a +20 pip profit.  I am now going out for a late lunch and then playing a round of golf with some friends so my trading is finished for the day.  I envisage being back in front of my charts tomorrow morning.

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