Nick’s Trading Diary – Tuesday 11th December 2018

My plan today is to definitely be in my home office today catching up on emails and Skype calls plus watching my collection of chats from time to time through the day. I realise this was my plan yesterday and it did not go well but I am determined to keep my door shut today and have no interruptions !  Any trades I do take will be detailed below:

08:50am:    Nothing to report so far, there is a fair amount of volatility in the markets this morning so I shall wait for it to die down before contemplating a trade.

10:00am:    Quick cycle ride as there’s nothing happening on my charts currently.

11:45am:   After a fairly quiet morning as far as trading opportunities go, there has just been two opportunities trigger. They are both Master-The-Trend Strategy-B patterns and one is on the German DAX-30 chart and the other is on WTI Crude Oil.  Stop loss values are: DAX-30 24 pips, WTI Crude 23 pips.

12:40pm    Taken quick profit from my DAX-30 position and it’s now closed at +37 pips.   My WTI Crude trade is still languishing around +10 pips so I am leaving it open to see if it can reach a better level.

14:40pm:  The Oil price has risen nicely in the last hour and I am now out of my position with  a score of +77 pips.

14:45pm:   I have an overall score of +114 pips for my first “proper” day of trading in December so I am going retire early and have a late lunch. Back here early tomorrow morning.

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