Nick’s Trading Diary – Thursday 13th December 2018

My plan today is to be here in my home office this morning catching up on emails plus indulging in some chart watching and if all goes well – the afternoon will be spent outside in the garden.

09:30am:  The markets seem quite volatile this morning so far – watching from the sidelines at the moment.

11:35am:  The markets are still fairly “lively” so far which means I am still sitting on my hands as far as trades are concerned.  I’ve noticed that there are many more unanswered emails than I originally thought so I envisage being here at my desk (and watching my charts) for the rest of the day.

12:20pm:   Out for lunch now – nothing new to report at the moment.

13:40pm:   I am now in 2 positions – both are Master-The-Trend Strategy-A set-ups, one on the GOLD 15-min chart and the other on the Brent Crude chart of the same timeframe.  These may not be very long (time wise) trades as markets are quite unpredictable at this time of the day.

13:55pm:    I am out of both trades !  The Brent Crude position has just been stopped out at 21 pips but the GOLD position faired better and has come away with a small +20 pip profit.

14:05pm:  The markets have not really settled down and I was planning to be outside anyway this afternoon so I am switching my screens off now.

I am not planning to be in the office tomorrow but I will be back next Tuesday for some more trading.

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