Nick’s Trading Diary – Monday 10th December 2018

After what seems a long time away from my charts, I am back today and resuming ‘normal’ trading activities. My house restoration project has consumed me over the last 3 months but we are now back home and I am once again working from my home office.  My plan is to be indoors for most of today catching up on a few weeks of emails and Skype calls and I will also be glancing at my collection of favourite charts from time to time. Any trades I take today will be detailed below.

09:20am   Nothing to report so far on my group of eight favoured charts.

15:00pm    I have to report that I have not been in front of my screens as much as I had hoped today as there have been some other errands to attend to that have cropped up since we moved back in.  This means that I have no trades to report for today but I am planning to have a more constructive day in the office tomorrow !

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