Nick’s Trading Diary – Wednesday 17th October 2018

Once again I am planning to be here in the office for most of the day catching up on emails/Skype calls and also watching my charts for trade opportunities. Any trades I take will be reported below through the day.

08:20am:    Nothing to report at the moment, I am going to send out my “Trading-Idea” chart to subscribers (AUD/USD chart today)

10:35am:   The markets are generally quite unsettled so far this morning so not many opportunities are presenting themselves at the moment but I have just taken a speculative ‘short’ position on my DAX-30 15-min chart. It is a Master-The-Trend Strategy-B set-up with 27 pip stop loss.

10:55am:   I have just taken a quick +27 pip profit from my DAX position for two reasons. The price has hit and slightly reversed from the 11,700 level and 2) I am off out for a quick site visit at my house so it’s nice to close the trade given the volatile nature of the markets at the current time.

12:35pm:   Back in the office and just taken a ‘short’ position on my BRENT CRUDE 15-min chart. It’s a Master-The Trend Strategy-B pattern with a 15 pip stop loss.

13:35pm:   As is usual at this time of the day when the U.S. equity markets are getting underway the price action on many charts are fairly volatile so I will watch my charts very carefully if I do happen to have a live position and because of the movement on the Oil charts I closed my BRENT position to capture the profit achieved.  My score was +30 pips giving me a total today +57 pips.

14:05pm    I’m happy with my score for the day so I have decided to accept an invitation for a game of golf this afternoon so I am switching off my charts for the day – back here early tomorrow morning.

Running total for the month so far is +322 pips.

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