Nick’s Trading Diary – Tuesday 9th October 2018

I am back in front of my charts this morning after a long-weekend break and any trades I take through the day will be detailed below.

08:35am:   Just had a quick glance at my collection of 6 favourite charts and there’s nothing to report so far.

09:35am:   I have now entered a ‘long’ position on my BRENT CRUDE OIL 30-min chart, it’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-A set-up with a 33 pip stop loss.

10:20am:   Just taken a quick profit from my BRENT position, I am out with +51 pips towards my daily total.

12:30pm:   Out for lunch…..

13:55pm:   Back in the office and there’s not much happening on my selection of charts as the U.S. trading session gets underway so I am going to close off my screens and have the rest of the afternoon off. Back here at the normal time tomorrow morning.

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