Nick’s Trading Diary – Tuesday 16th October 2018

Back after a short break away and my plans today are to spend most of it here in the office catching up on emails and Skype calls while watching my expanded collection of favourite charts from time to time. Any trades I take will be detailed below:

08:25am:     Nothing to report so far on my collection of 8 charts in front of me.

10:35am:    I have just taken a ‘short’ position on my WTI Crude 15-min chart.  It’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-B pattern and my stop loss is 26 pips, rather higher than normal for this timeframe but price is quite volatile today given the situation with Saudi Arabia and the growing discontent in the rest of the world.

12:05pm:     Nothing new to report – off out now for an early lunch.

13:10pm:    Back in the office and I am in a ‘long’ position on the German DAX-30 15-min chart (just one of my favourite timeframe for day-trading), it’s another Master-The-Trend Strategy-B set-up and my stop loss is just 17 pips.  My Oil trade is still ‘live although the score is not that impressive at the moment.

14:10pm:     Eventually, after struggling along for quite a while now my Crude Oil position has been stopped out at -26 pips.  The DAX trade is still doing ok.

16:10pm:   I am now out of my DAX position, the price has steadily risen this afternoon but seems to be tailing off so I’ve taken this opportunity to close the trade as it’s also time I was getting off home.  The score was +90 pips so my total for the day comes out at +64 pips.

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