Trading Diary ~ Thursday 20th June 2013

11:35am  ~  After a very late night I was not up and downstairs very early this morning, I did not get in until 4am this morning but had a good day at Ascot yesterday. Today will be spent very quietly and I may do some trading this evening.

21:10pm  ~  I did end up getting this laptop out at 5pm and almost immediately I entered a ‘short’ trade on the S&P500 using my main “evening” system. That position was stopped out quite quickly at -26 pips, and a few minutes later I got into another ‘short’ position on the same chart, but this time using one of the trendFX strategies. My third trade came up just after 7pm and I’m now out of the last two trades with profits of 173 pips and 112 pips respectively.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES  (+259 pips)    I just traded the evening session today

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