Trading Diary ~ Monday 17th June 2013

09:15am ~ No trading for me today, myself and a couple of friends are off on a fishing trip for the day out from Southwold Harbour.

The markets can sometimes take a while to get going at the beginning of the week, so I probably will not be missing much this morning.  And hopefully we’ll catch something for supper tonight….

21:10pm  ~  I got in a few hours ago from my boat trip and started watching my S&P500 chart quite late into the evening session. Even though it was well past the time that I usually trade from, I did end up having three trades, two with my “evening” system and one with my “Any-Time” UTB strategy. I had one loss (-28 pips) and two winners and came out overall with 137 pips.  In case you’re wondering, my trading was much better than my fishing……

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+137 pips)      I traded for a couple of hours this evening

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