Trading Diary ~ Friday 28th June 2013 + June’s Trading Score (1,840 Pips)

09:30am  ~ I have a small window of opportunity this morning to do a bit of chart watching (and hopefully trading) as we are off to watch the tennis at Wimbledon this afternoon. I also have three Skype calls with budding traders in the next couple of hours.

11:05am  ~ Well, I am in a trade after scanning my charts for the last hour, it’s a Brent Oil position and my system tells me the price should be heading down after a price reversal for the past hour. I wil report back with news of this trade plus any others before I head off for the day.

13:55pm ~ Transport has just arrived to take us to Wimbledon so a quick report on the morning’s trading – my first trade on Brent turned out ok with a 31 pip profit and I also had a second trade on my S&p500 chart, also a short position with my UTB strategy from the “Any-Time” collection of strategies, which gave me a 55 pip profit.

I’ll not be trading my “Trade With A Day Job” evening system tonight so I’ve had a quick tot-up of my trading with just this one system this month and my total score has come in at +588 pips, one of the best totals for a month since May 2012. Overall across all my systems, I managed a profit of 1,840 pips.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+86 pips)     I traded for just over four hours this morning

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