Trading Diary ~ Friday 14th June 2013

16:30pm  ~  I’ve spent most of the day doing errands, shopping and odd jobs around the house after getting back from Italy late last night. I’m now going to sit down in front of my S&P500 chart with a nice cool lager and watch for any trade set-ups with my beginner’s “evening” system and my other systems as well.  I will report back later with any trading news.

19:10pm  ~  I have ended up with +107 pips from my two trades this evening – my 1st position was with one of the strategies in my trendFX system (+42) and the second one was with my “Trade With A Day Job “evening” system (+65)  Time for a walk into town for a drink and a curry.

My trading this week has given me +442 pips, and my “Beginners” evening system contributed 194 of those pips.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+107 pips)      I traded for nearly 3hrs this evening

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