Trading Diary ~ Wednesday 23rd January 2013

10:55am  ~  I was up fairly early this morning, and managed an hour of emails plus watching some charts. I have just come out of a EUR/USD trade using one of my  ”Any-Time”  strategies, I got into the market 25 minutes ago and have just come out with a small 25 pip profit.  We’re off to Calpe now to do a big food shop, then some lunch by the rock/harbour.  I will report back later with details of any trades I find this evening.

10:15pm (21:15 UK time) ~  I did manage a couple of trades this evening, and I have just come out of both of them a couple of minutes ago. The first one kicked off at 8pm (local time) and the second 20 minutes later – both on the S&P500.  The price did go up, but very slowly, so neither trade hit its target, and I came out due to the fact that the U.S. market has now closed. I managed +9 and +11 pips out the pair of trades.

Daily Target Reached ? YES (+45 pips)       I traded for an hour this morning and 3 hours this evening


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