Trading Diary ~ Tuesday 22nd January 2013

11:25am  ~  Due to delays at Stansted yesterday, we decided to take a flight to Malaga instead of wait 24hrs for the one to Alicante, so we then had a 5hr drive (in an awful diesel hire car) to get back here early this morning. I’ve just got up, so I have a few errands to do before I sit down later and turn on my charts. Any trades will be detailed later.

10:20pm (9:20 UK time)  ~  Just came out of two evening trades, one with my “Trade With A Day Job” system and the other was a trendFX trade.  They gave me 41 pips and 54 pips respectively, and I had an earlier trade (at 7:40pm) that was stopped out at minus 12 pips.  Going next door now for a poker evening.

Daily target Reached ?  YES (+83 pips)        I traded for just over 3 hours this evening

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