Trading Diary ~ Wednesday 21st November 2012

9:35am  ~   Over the next two hours I have four Skype calls with people wanting to have a chat with me about trading and my systems and then it’s off for a cycle ride across country for a couple of hours. After lunch I am off to my mothers house to check on her, she had a flu jab yesterday and it always affects her for a few days afterwards. I will report back with any trading I do later on this evening – I don’t expect much movement in the main U.S. indexes, most traders will be off early tonight in readiness for the Bank Holiday tomorrow.

9:10pm  ~    Although the market was very quiet this evening, I did have one (short) trade on the S&P500 index which I entered at 7:15pm and then watched it very slowly go down towards its 20 pip target. As I started to reach my cut-off time of 9 o’clock (the close-time of the U.S. Stock Market) the price was just wandering around my entry price so at exactly 20:57 I came out of the trade at break-even. I did not have great hope for this evening’s trading, remembering past year’s experiences

Daily Target Reached Today ?   NO  (Zero pips today)         I traded for 3 hrs this evening


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