Trading Diary – Tuesday 27th November 2012

8:20am  ~  Back from Norfolk late last night, and up bright as a button this morning !      I have 3 Skype calls shortly with people interested in my trading systems, and I’ll also watch a few charts while I am here in the study to see if I can have a bit of a profit this morning – then I’m off at midday to my mother’s house to see how she is, and take her for a doctors visit.   I’ll report back later with news of any trades.

4:45pm  ~  Just back from my mothers – and I’m going to fire-up my MT4 trading platform for some “evening” trading in a minute. Earlier this morning I did have two trades, the 1st one was on my EUR/USD chart and entry was just after 9:15am – the 2nd one I had was an hour later on my favourite index and together they gave me a +61 pip profit by the time I was finished just before 11:30am.

9:05pm   ~   I had two trades this evening – and the first one kicked off just after 5pm with the occurence that I have talked about before, which seems to be peculiar to just the S&P500 index. That trade gave me +23 pips and I also had an “Any-Time” short trade which gave me +47 pips by the time I came out a few minutes ago. All in all a nicely profitable day on the markets.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+131 pips)            I traded for 3 hours this morning plus the “evening” session

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