Trading Diary ~ Thursday 29th November 2012

9:05am  ~    I didn’t get home until late last night after the funeral, so I thought I would have an early start today and I switched on my MT4 charting platform on this laptop here in the kitchen just after 7am this morning.

My concentration when trading is always directed towards the S&P500 chart initially as it is (in my opinion) one of the easiest indexes to trade, and so this is the chart I always look at first, and by 7:30 I could see a lovely trade setting up, and I just had to wait for the price to rise slightly to trigger a ‘long’ trade. It did this within 15 minutes, and the price rose nicely over the hour or so, and I came out with +54 pips eight minutes ago.

That small profit will do for me today, so after breakfast and some emailing I’m off out into the garden for the rest of the morning to finish off some ‘landscaping’ with the JCB I ‘aquired’ a while ago plus I have a fallen tree to cut up and dispose of.  I’ll be back indoors at 3pm as I have two Skype calls booked – if you’d like to have your own chat with me about trading just email me to sort out a suitable time.

I’ve just had an email from Capital Spreads with comment on the rise in European and U.S. Indicies – you can read it here – CAPITAL SPREADS DAILY COMMENTARY

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+54 pips)         I traded for a couple of hours this morning

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