Trading Diary ~ Monday 19th November 2012

8:45am  ~  After trading all of last week, the next 5 days is going to be a bit more relaxed – my major project this week is meetings with builders to discuss an upcoming development, and also getting started on a new trading book on the S&P500. This morning I am going to visit my 82yr old mother, then back here for a short cycle ride before lunch  -  then a relaxing afternoon in the study replying to emails and also chatting via Skype to some of you who have questions on trading and need more info on my systems.

I will be trading tonight, so will report back later.

7:05pm   ~    I switched on my trading platform a few minutes before 5pm to watch for signals on my “evening” system, and dead on 5 o’clock I had a signal that often comes up at exactly that time. The volume on the U.S. market was down slightly this evening so it took a while for the price to move and trigger a trade, but I eventually got into the market at 5:50pm and was out again in just under the hour. I managed a profit of 22 pips.   Off to Cafe Rouge now for supper with her indoors.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+22 pips)           I traded for two hours this evening

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