Trading Diary ~ Friday 30th November 2012

8:20am  ~  Another early start for me, I got down here into the kitchen at 7:30 this morning and turned on this laptop to watch a few charts to see if there were any trade set-ups showing any promise.  I am often asked which instruments I look at initially, and I always turn to my favourite – the S&P500 (e-Mini) before any others. After that, it’s Gold and the EUR/USD Forex pair. I learned many years ago that it is best to become familiar with just one index initially and trade it daily so you get to know its ‘personality’ – you’ll become a better trader as a result.

Anyway back to today’s trading – about ten minutes ago I got into a ‘long’ trade on my S&P500 chart, and I’ll report back later to let you know what happens.

We are off after lunch to Suffolk for the weekend —  the A12 gets very clogged by 4pm on a Friday, so I’ll need to be on the road well before then. Before that I’ve some emailing to sort plus 4 Skype calls – and a Majestic Wine delivery to pack away !

10:45am  ~    I’ve just come out of my S&P500 trade, it gave me 20 pips after the price staged a long slow climb upwards.

I’ll report back on Monday/Tuesday after my weekend break.

Daily Target Reached ?   YES  (+20 pips)       I traded for just over a couple of hours this morning

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