Trading Diary ~ Friday 23rd November 2012

10:35am  ~  Hello to to you all, I wasn’t expecting to do any trading today – but was talking to Max on the phone earlier this morning about the ‘Gold’ chart and I noticed on the 30 minute timeframe that a trendFX strategy 3 set-up had just occured and was just about to hit its entry level – so I got in as soon as it triggered a trade. I came out a short while ago with +20 pips. If I had been awake earlier I would have also caught an “Any-Time” system trade on the same chart, but we had a bit of a late night on the town !

We are off in an hour to do some sea-fishing out in the North Sea, hopefully the rain is going to hold off.  I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES  (+20 pips)    I traded for a few hours this morning

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