Thursday 10th November 2011 ~ Markets In Panic Mode.

6:30pm.      I have had quite a relaxing day today, I was up at 8 o’clock and after a quick breakfast, it was over to a friend’s farm near Stansted Airport to do some Clay Pigeon shooting. I got back this afternoon and spent a few hours doing emails from prospective customers – plus two Skype sessions with a guy from South Africa and another from Ireland. Both have decided to purchase my “evening” system today.

In the markets, fear is gripping investors at the moment as the eurozone debt crisis seems to be getting out of control.  Politicians in the US are now trying to calm nerves by saying that their exposure to Italian debt is wholly containable and that their banks will be able to weather the storm in the event of any default.  This has washed with the markets which were in sell mode throughout last night’s session in New York and this morning it has followed through to European indices.

An hour and half ago (5pm), I switched on a laptop in the kitchen and started watching my S&P500 chart for any sign of a trade signal with my “Trade With A Day Job” evening system. I did spot one fairly quickly and at 5:40pm I was in a long trade. The market shot up nicely as I had hoped and at 6:23pm I came out of the market with a profit of +89 pips.

Daily Target Reached Today ?  YES (+89 pips)     I trade for just 90 minutes this evening

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