Tuesday 25th October 2011 – Trading In Spain…..

9:30am (C.E.T.)         I’ve been out here in Torrevieja (Spain) visiting friends since Saturday. The weather is beautiful so we’ve been out and about with the hire car and yesterday we were along the coast at LaManga but I got back in time to trade my “Evening” system on this laptop.

My first trade kicked off last night at exactly 6 o’clock (5:00pm GMT) and was stopped out pretty soon with a small loss of 19 pips. A few moments after that there was the start of a 2nd potential trade and at 6:45pm I was in the market with my 2nd trade. This one went a lot smoother and I came out just before 8 o’clock with +45 pips – which meant my overall profit for Monday was +26 pips, so my daily target was safely ‘in the bag’

We are off to Calpe this morning where I spent all my childhood summer holidays, but I will report back later if I manage to get back in time to do some “Evening” trading.

7:00pm (C.E.T.)       I got back here just before 5 o’clock and after a shower I settled down at 6 o’clock with this laptop to trade my “Trade With A Day Job” evening trading system. My 1st signal started showing around 6:15pm and I was in a short trade just after 6:30pm (5:30pm GMT)  Within 15 minutes I was +32 pips ahead so I closed the trade off there as we are all due out in ten minutes for a meal out with some old friends.

Daily Target Reached Today ?  YES (+32 pips)     I traded for just under an hour this evening.

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