Tuesday 18th October 2011 ~ European Stock Markets Slide

9:45am.         It was a rather late arrival in my study this morning, I got up at 8 o’clock and had a leisurely breakfast out on the patio, then came in at 9 o’clock and set-up 2 screens to watch for any trades on my trendFX system. Most of my charts were in decline so I was really just waiting for a signal to enter in with the downwards trend, and within 15 minutes I could see some potential with my EUR/USD chart. At 9:32am I was in with a Euro Dollar short trade, and 8 minutes later I came out with a very quick +26 pip profit, just above my daily target. The strategy I used was number 4 from the trendFX system manual – my idea of having more than one strategy in my trading system means that I am not just watching for one type of signal, I have many to choose from, so making it relatively easy to find a trade no matter what time of day or night I switch my charts on. For more details just email me.

As I’ve just mentioned, the European markets are showing red this morning, mainly due to slower growth in China and also the Euro-Zone leaders are not dealing with the sovereign debt crisis in a quick enough manner.

I will report back later if I do any “Evening” trading. I hope you all have a good day in the markets.

5:55pm.        I was out this afternoon on an invigorating cycle ride, and I got back into the kitchen just before 5pm to sit down with a laptop to watch for trades on my “Evening” trading system. Fifteen minutes into the session I could see a potential trade setting up and at 5:36pm I was in a ‘long’ trade on the S&P500 index. As soon as I got into the market – the price shot off in the correct direction and eleven minutes later I was out with a profit of +45 pips. It’s been a successful day in the markets – so I’m going to call it a day and have a wander down the road to my local and some supper.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+71 pips)       I traded for an hour this morning plus 45 minutes this evening.

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