Thursday 20th October ~ UK Retail Sales Figures Out Today

8:20am.       Myself and my eldest son Max (the brains behind Markets Mastered) are going to be very busy today sorting out changing our ISP for the website and emails – there is much work in front of us today so ensure everything goes smoothly.

In the markets – we have UK Retail Figures released at 9:30am which should move the FTSE100 a small amount and we also have the continuing ‘European Situation’ which everyone is hoping will be nearer a solution this coming weekend. As Mervyn King has said earlier this week, questions about European countries’ solvency are being aired, so this debt crisis maybe a lot more serious than many are reporting.

6:15pm.       I left Max in my home office to carry on with our I.T. problems and I took myself off to the study at 5 o’clock to do a bit of trading. Within a few minutes of turning a screen on, I could see a “Trade With A Day Job” system pattern setting up and just before 5:30pm I was in a ‘long’ trade. The index went up nicely from the off and I came out of the trade at 6:05pm with a small profit of +44 pips. In 30 minutes I have some friends coming round to play snooker, so my trading session is finished for the day.

Daily Target Reached ?   YES  (+44 pips)      I traded for just an hour this evening.

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