Monday 17th October 2011 ~ U.S. Industrial Output Posts Modest Gains

2:00pm.     I’ve been away from my trading screens today, instead I took a laptop off to a quiet coffee bar and spent the last 5 hours writing up a new strategy for my trendFX system. It should be ready for release tomorrow or Wednesday.

In the markets today, the Fed has just released it’s Industrial Production figures for the U.S. in September and it has risen slightly (by 0.2%) which is better news than August where it was just flat. The small increase is due mainly to a rise in manufacturing and mining and it appears to signify that the U.S. economy is not yet ready to slip into recession.

I will report back a bit later if I do any “Evening” trading.

6:45pm.     I got back here just before 5 o’clock and switched a laptop on to watch for potential signals with my “Trade With A Day Job” evening trading system. The markets over the water were in deep decline, and at 6:15pm I could see a ‘short’ trade developing, and moments after 6:30pm I was in the market. Around ten minutes later I came out with a score of +35 pips, just above my daily target.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES  (+35pips)         I just traded for 90 minutes this evening

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