Friday 21st October 2011 ~ Decision On Sunday For European Bail-Out ?

9:00am.       As is normal for me, I am not working today as it’s Friday, but instead will be packing for a 9 day holiday in Spain.   While out there I shall be doing some trading, so I’ll keep you informed as to how I get on through all of next week.

This coming Sunday we have a meeting of European Leaders who are going to try to make a final decision regarding the Sovereign Debt Crisis.   Germany is seeking to delay the meeting by three days, so it is getting worryingly close to the G20 summit at the beginning of November. The markets will not react to this in a positive manner, as the problem must be seen to be solved before the heads of the world’s biggest economies meet in a few weeks time.   Monday will be an interesting time to be trading in the European markets…..

I hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend and I will update this blog on Monday from Spain.

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