My Trading Day ~ Tuesday 19th July 2011

9:55am. I got back here to the cottage (in Suffolk) just after midnight so I was not really interested in getting up very early this morning !

I wandered downstairs just before 9 o’clock to have a bit of breakfast and I also switched this laptop on to answer some emails that had come in over the weekend. I had some troubles last week with internet/emails, so I shall be catching up today on the emails that need answering from last week. I will report back later to give you details of my ‘evening’ trading with my “Trade With A Day Job” system.

7:00pm. I did sit down in the kitchen with a laptop a while ago to watch for trades on my “Evening” system and just after 6 o’clock I took a long trade which I have just come out of with a score of +75 pips. I think the index may still have some more upside left, but I am off out now to grab a bit of supper at The Swan Hotel.

Daily Target Reached ?   YES  (+75 pips) I just traded this evening for 2 hours

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