My Trading Day ~ Wednesday 25th May 2011

I am going to spend the whole day putting the finishing touches to the “Trade With A Day Job” and also my new “Price-Action” Trend-Following strategy. I will report back later tonight to let you know if I do any trading.

Update 9:00pm I sat down at 5pm and had a few trades with the “Evening” system. My 1st trade was a few moments after 5:20 ( a LONG trade) and that was stopped out at minus 14 pips. My second signal came up 17:50 and that to was stopped out shortly afterwards at just minus 11 pips. My third (and last trade) kicked off at 18:35 and gave me +56 pips when I came out just after 8 o’clock. A bit of dinner now and then wait for Max to send back the completed “Trade With A day Job” system PDF manual so I can send it off to all my customers.

Daily Target Reached ? YES (+31 pips) I just traded the “Evening” system tonight.

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