My Trading Day ~ Wednesday 18th May 2011

I was up this morning at 6:30am and wandered into the study to turn on my computers. While they were firing up, I had a quick shower and grabbed a large mug of coffee – and was sitting down at my desk by ten to seven. My plan is to trade up until the announcement at 9:30am(UK time) from the MPC at the Bank Of England – the market should move quickly dead on announcement time.

During the night, there was a potential trade evolving with my free ‘give-away’ system, and at 3 minutes past 7 o’clock the trade entry level was breached (on the S&P500 index) and I was in a ‘short’ trade. The price slowly went down, so I left it alone and watched my other 8 charts. Just after 8:15 I had a trade start to get going with my new ‘price-action’ strategy and at 8:28am I was in a long trade on Brent and I also had short on Cable at 8:51  and it went down as I had imagined, but I had to come out at 9:29 due to the MPC announcement a minute later. I managed +16 pips, and was very happy with that. The Brent trade was done by 9:10 with +40 pips (my normal target for the particular timeframe I used)  My ‘free-System’  trade finished at 9:18am with +15 pips.

It is 9:45am and I am spending the rest of the morning catching up on emails, and then after lunchtime it’s out with the Ducati and I am riding back to my cottage in Suffolk – I have been invited out on a friend’s boat tomorrow.

Update 7:30pm: I arrived back at the cottage at 3 o’clock and at 5pm I started watching for trade signals with my “Evening” system. Fifteen minutes later I was in a long trade, and once I established the upward trend was strong (I can show you how in my trading manual) I stayed in until the index (S&P500) hit the ‘Big‘ number – 13400. I came out there just before 7 o’clock with +51 pips. Happy with my earnings today.


Daily Target Reached ? YES (+122 pips) I traded earlier this morning plus a few hours this evening

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