My Trading Day ~ Monday 23rd May 2011

I came up here to Kesgrave Hall Hotel (in Suffolk) yesterday afternoon, and the plan is to stay here, away from the hussle and bustle of everyday life (and distractions) and finish my new & updated trading manuals.  Writing like this does tend to work for me, when I wrote the USA Forex manual I took myself off to Egypt for a week and I got so much done.

So the day is going to be spent in the various sitting rooms and conservatories here in the hotel to write on my 2 laptops. I will report back later this evening if I do some evening trading with my “Trade With A Day Job” system.

Update 8:00pm: I did have a trade with my “Evening” system earlier, the trade kicked off just after 5:15pm, and by the time I closed ot off at a few minutes past 7 o’clock I had an extra 35 pips in my account. Off to dinner now – mmm lovely.

Daily Target Reached ?  YES (+35 pips) I just traded for a few hours this evening


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