Back Home ~ Tuesday 31st May 2011

After a few inevitable delays at Barcelona Airport, I eventually arrived back in the UK mid-afternoon and had a 30 minute taxi journey back home to my flat in Kensington. While I have been away the builders have moved on at a tremendous pace and there is just a week’s more work to do before it will be fit for showing to the two separate buyers who have expressed an interest in buying it. The flat next door that I also bought at the same time will be ready a week later, so I am hoping for a quick sale on both of them – the market here in the capital seems very buoyant at the moment, as long as you are not too greedy.

After unpacking and a quick shower, I sat down at 4:30pm in my newly refurbished study and started watching my one chart that I use for the “Trade With A Day Jobevening system* which kicks off at 5 o’clock (UK time) although if you do usually work later at your day-job, you can switch your chart on at any time that suits you, there are trades at any time between 5pm and 9pm, as you will see in a minute, when I descibe the trades for today.

The 1st trade came from a signal dead on 5 o’clock and a few moments after I was in a ‘longtrade. This was stopped out after 30 mins or so (minus 18 pips) and a second trade was entered almost immediately. This one gave me +38 pips, so I covered my first loss plus managed my evening target of +20 pips. As I was not going out this evening, I carried on watching my chart, and around 8:30 I had another signal, which I entered and that went on to give me +65 pips and an overall score of +85 pips for the evening session.

I have not much planned for the rest of the week hobby-wise, so I will report back tomorrow regarding some ‘day-trading‘ – probably in the morning.

* The “Evening” System I was trading today has finally been updated and sent to all my customers, and if you now purchase the system from this website, it is the NEW updated manual that you will receive. It has grown in size, the old manual was 49 pages long and this new one is now 79 pages with quite a few new chapters. I can organize a good discount on the normal website price of this system, just email me at the usual address and I will be happy to help.

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Daily Target Reached ? YES (85 pips) I just traded the ‘evening’ session.

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