my trading day ~ tuesday 19th april

Up very early this morning, I left the house at 6am to take my Lotus Exige upto the factory at Hethel in Norfolk for its annual service. I don’t like my local dealer, so prefer for it to be looked after the chaps who originally built it. I’m also having a few modifications done to it as I intend to use on track a bit more this year.

A friend came up with me on his motorbike, so I was able to get back a lot quicker than I went up there! Back in Chelmsford just before 11am (and as it was very sunny) I walked into town with a laptop, and sat in the sun at Cafe Nero and went through a pile of emails from potential Markets Mastered customers.

I was back home at 3pm, and at 5 o’clock I switched on a laptop again in the kitchen and started looking for trades with my “Evening” system (Trade With A day Job) My first trade was just after 5:15pm and was stopped out at its stop-loss with a score of minus 16 pips, but a second trade came up soon after and just after 7:30pm I was in ¬†again, and that one went on to give me +38 pips before I shut it off, so I had an overall profit of +22 pips for the evening session. I was all done by 9 o’clock approx, so I cooked a quick salmon supper for myself and the girlfriend.

Daily Target Reached ? YES (+22 pips) I just traded the evening session.

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