easter sunday ~ 24th april 2011

Still enjoying a short holiday in Mallorca, in Puerto Pollensa, in the north east of the island. This location is a favourite of mine, and I have visiting the bay for over 20 years.  I am planning to be back in the UK next weekend, after all the furore of “Royal Wedding” has died down, and the country has once again slipped back into ‘work-mode’. I have not yet looked at the easyJet website to see what Stelios is trying to get away with regarding air fares back to Stansted after these Bank Holidays……..

With regard to the Billy/Katy nuptials on Friday – my thoughts go out to all the owners of small businesses around England who are having to subsidise this random day off for everyone. This maybe controversial – but I have run (3) small businesses since I was 24 yrs old (over 26 years ago) and I know what the financial impact is, and hardship it can cause – along with maternity pay for men and women and full sickness pay. Our generation did not have all these perks when we were young, and we have turned out a lot better than the 20 year old ‘work-force’ are destined to….. (my girlfriend teaches 17/18 year old students and you would not believe they way the teachers HAVE TO get the students through the exams by fair means or foul – otherwise their own jobs are in jeopardy )  and on the other tack, what about all those people who work in shops and businesses that continue to stay open on (proper) Bank Holidays/Sundays, meaning that the poorly paid workers (£5-£6 p/h) are forced to work when they should be with their friends and families….?   (I suppose they should have stayed in education and got better qualified !!)

Rant Over ~ you will be pleased to hear……

Back to trading ~ my days at the moment are spent mainly out on either a sailing yacht or fishing boat, so no watching of charts is happening during the day, but I am trying to get back to the apartment in time to trade my “Evening” system (after 5pm UK time) so I will keep you informed as to my profit/loss if I do manage to get back in time and switch on a laptop.

I am out sailing later on this morning for the day, and then tonight we’re off to Pacha Night Club in Palma for a party organised by my (trader) friend Tim’s girlfriend who works for Michael Schumacher at his Mallorcan house. Should be an interesting evening – the party doesn’t start ’til midnight !!!

I hope you are all enjoying the Easter weekend, I trust it is still warm & sunny ?

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