my trading day ~ tuesday 15th december ’09

Another day just on the currencies today with my “Any-Time” system – same ones as yesterday.

It’s so COLD outside, I must admit I skipped the exercise and headed straight for my desk instead (gave me a bit of a lie in today !) and I was installed, ready and waiting at the screens just before 8am.

I am often asked about how I prepare for a day in front of the screens trading the markets. Well first of all – I trade with 3 screens, although I could do it with just one if I had to (I often just trade for a day with a laptop if I am away from here) – so once all 3 computers are fired up – I check ¬†THIS SITE for any important economic news announcements due out today which may move the markets violently. I will note down the times (if any) so I can make sure I have no trades open at the time. I also have Sky News on the TV so I can follow the day’s news as well. I then note all the markets in my trading diary that I am watching for the day – sometimes 2 or 3, other times 6 or 7 – it really depends what kind of workload I want – we all need a lazy day at work sometimes, don’t we ?? I also use my trading dairy to note down anything during the day regarding the movements of the particular instruments I am watching – whether trades are possibly coming up – so I need to check the charts regularly, or whether there is nothing happening, so I can forget a particular chart for a few hours.

Anyway – back to the day’s work – my first trade was signaled at just after 8am (USD/GBP) and rewarded me with +34 pips to start my day off – and the 2nd one did not come along until midday (USD/CAD) As I do not have to watch the charts every minute of the day, I can get on with other things (usually reading/researching/emails/talking to mates on the phone) in between looking at each chart every 30-45 mins or so.

Things were getting busy and I could see that there were quite a few potential trades coming along, so no break for lunch – and I carried on through ’til 3pm (7 trades by then) when I then broke for a sandwich. Two more trade after 4pm completed my day session on the FX market and a total of ¬†exactly +60 pips earned so far.

I stayed at my desk for the evening session (Trade With A Day Job System) and finished trading for the day just before 8pm with my usual +20 pips for the system – giving me a daily total of +80 pips.

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