my trading day ~ thursday 10th december ’09

Hello to you all.

I had a few ‘non-trading’ things to complete today, so the plan was (with my “Any-Time” system) to trade just a few indexes (FTSE100, Dax and the S&P500) in the late morning and into the afternoon. My attention would be split, so a nice easy trading workload was just what I needed, so currencies were put on hold for the day – which meant I could watch the charts on my laptop screen and leave the larger computer screens for my other focus today.

I eventually found time to fire up the trading platforms at 11am – and my first trade came along 25mins later on the S&P500 index. That trade gave me +8 pips – and through the rest of the day I had another four trades (no losers) and a total pip count of  exactly +50. I did have a quick look at some currency charts later (couldn’t help myself !!) and there was a lot more pips on offer, but no matter – I did get a lot of other work done today.

My  “Trade With A Day Job” Evening Trading System gave me the usual +20 pips by just after 6pm, so the total for a short day’s work was +70 pips.  Happy days !!

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