my trading day ~ monday 14th december ’09

Hello to you all – an early start for me on the first day of my final working week of the month (and year!!)

An invigorating cycle ride at 6am started the day off and once I was back home, I had a shower,  a large cup of coffee and fired up the computers.  I was ready and waiting for my first trade (with my “Any-Time” system) by 7:30am and my first signal came along a few minutes past 8am. I must explain, I had decided to just trade currencies today, so I was watching these FX pairs – EURO/YEN, EURO/USD, USD/CAD & USD.GBP.

Anyway – that first trade was with the EURO/USD currency pair and gave me +14 pips. There was no real excitement on the markets today, and I had just one more trade (EUR/USD again, +18 pips) before I broke for a quick lunch just after midday.

Back at the screens at 1:30pm, I had my next trade straight away (CABLE) which gave me my only losing trade for the day – and one more was taken before I called it a day at 3pm. My score for the day so far is +12 pips with 4 trades completed.

I was back in the study at 5pm for my “Trade With A Day Job” evening system, and I had a nice signal just before 6pm which netted me my usual +20 pips, so an overall profit today of 32 pips – down a bit on my normal average daily earnings, but still keeping up an overall 100% daily winning score with my systems. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a negative score for a day’s trading, so those of you who have not joined me, take the bull by the horns, have another look at my systems HERE and then email me !

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