My Trading Day ~Wednesday 4th November ’09

Lovely to be back in front of the screens  - although I am easing myself in slowly and after a quick breakfast, I was ready and waiting at 10am.

My first trade with my “Any-Time” system came along  quite quickly (on the German DAX Index) and another 8 more trades were signaled (and taken obviously) before I had a short break for my lunch at just after 1:30pm. Due to the FOMC statement due out in the U.S. this evening, I very half-heartedly resumed trading at  2:30pm, and one more trade was taken just before 3pm – when I decided to call it a day as certain markets were treading water waiting for 7:30pm when the Fed was due to talk about the U.S. economy.

My total profit was 125 pips for my trades between 10am and 3pm, so I was quite please – especially as I had been off since last Friday !

Due to the reasons I have mentioned above, I did not trade my “Trade With A Day Job” Evening Trading System – so my total earnings for the day stand at 125 pips.

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