My Trading Day ~ Wednesday 11th November ’09

Good morning to you all.

A nice lazy start to my ‘working’ day but before I turned the computers I indulged in an invigorating cycle ride at 10 o’clock – and after a quick breakfast, I was installed in front of the screens by 11am.

My first trade (with my “Any-Time Strategy) came along at 11:30am with +25 pips on the Euro/Yen currency pair. I had just 2 more trades before I stopped for a quick sandwich at 2pm – and then I had a further 5 trades before I called it a day. My total came in at +74 pips for 8 trades with only one loser in amongst the winning trades.

My “Trade With A Day Job” gave me the usual 20 pips in the evening, so a day’s total came in at +94 pips.

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