My Trading Day ~ Tuesday 10th November ’09

Well – not a ‘normal’ trading day for me. I have really got to finish my new system manual (Trade With A Day Job USA) so the plan was to spend most of the day trading it while writing the last part of the manual at the same time. You can trade this strategy using ¬†one hour charts – so it quite relaxing, and gives you time to do other things at the same time. You only ¬†need to the check the charts every one or two hours – sometimes even less as you can see a potential trade coming a mile off !

I started watching the charts at 8am and during the day (until 5pm) I entered 5 trades (of which 4 were profitable) and I ended the day with +112 pips. If you would like details of this system – just drop me a quick email.

My evening system (Trade With A Day Job) gave me the usual 20 pips.

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