My Trading Day ~ Thursday 5th November

Remember remember the 5th of November. I seem to think that was an old TV advert from my childhood…..

Feeling totally better today, so started my day with an invigorating cycle ride at 8am (when most people are deep into their daily commute to the office)  I cycled along my local river bank and out into the country for 3 miles, turned round and I was back home and sitting with computers on just after 9am.

The morning on the markets was quite  quiet (every day is different) so I had just one trade (with a nice +31 pips profit) before I stopped for a late breakfast at 11am.

Back at just before midday – I had 3 more trades with my“Any-Time” system, and my charts were telling me that it was going to carry quietly with not many signals, so I decided to call it a day just before 3pm – with a total profit for the day of +69 pips.

I was helping to organise a fireworks bash in a village a few miles away, so I did not trade my “Evening System” but looking at the charts this morning – the usual 20 pips were obtained. By the way – if you still haven’t tried this simple ‘starter’ trading strategy, why not take the plunge and email me for more details. Only a very small investment is required. And it will not take as long to train to become a professional financial trader as it will to become a Doctor or Accountant -but you can potentially earn more money ! Just ask my bank manager.

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