My Trading Day ~ Thursday 12th Nov. ’09

Good morning to you all. I had a few errands to sort out in town so my ‘trading day’ commenced at 9:30 when I returned home and sat down in front of my screens with a large coffee and all my wits about me (ha ha some hope!!)

My first trade signal (with my “Any-Time” system) came up at 9:40 on the FTSE100 Index and gave me a start of +10 pips for the day. It was a fairly busy morning, and I completed another 5 trades before I stopped for a M&S sandwich  just after 1pm. My afternoon session started at 2:15pm with a winning trade on the Euro/Dollar currency pair (+20 pips) and I called it a day at just after 3pm.

The scores for the session were as follows:  11 trades with only one loser, and a grand total of +145 pips. On days like today, I do not feel the need for extra pips from my evening system, but I resisted the temptation to wander down to the pub, and I got back in front of the screens at 5pm and managed another +20 pips profit, giving me a total for the day of 165 pips. A nice days work, I’m sure you will agree – and I saved myself £20 by staying in !!

My intention is to complete the manual for the  U.S. version of my “Trade With A Day Job USA” by Sunday afternoon, so if you have not already registered an interest, please email me. I will probably do a bit of an introductory offer, you never know ! If you live in the UK or Europe, that version of the system is already available, and I have sold over 70 copies already – so if you fancy a copy, please hurry as there is only going to be 100 copies available. By limiting the numbers sold, I can guarantee excellent customer service – as I personally reply to every email.  As many of you know, my first love is trading – so if I had too many customers, it would limit the amount of time I had to trade. Hope that makes sense ?

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