my trading day ~ monday 23rd november ’09

Good morning to everyone – and good luck for a profitable week on the markets !

My trading (again) took a back-seat as I really must get the new USA system manual completed pronto, so the day was spent at my desk slaving away with the end result in sight. As many of you know, I trade using UK spread betting platforms, but for the States another platform is required – so I have been learning the MT4 intricacies with help from the ┬áMetaTrader user guide. I have become somewhat of an expert on the subject in the past week !! It will also work with all the other FX brokers across the Atlantic obviously.

I finished writing and compiling screen-shots at 3pm for a long cycle ride, and I was back home at 5pm for the start of my “Trade With A Day Job” starter trading system – and the evening (unfortunately) produced a loss of -16 pips. Oh well, can’t have 100% success with a trading strategy, ┬ábut the important thing is to have minimum losses when trading a system.

Tuesday will be the same (writing up the manual) although I will keep half an eye on a couple of currency charts to see if I can earn a few pounds during the day.

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