My Trading day ~ Friday 13th November ’09

Hello to all of you. I had an early breakfast meeting with some friends of mine, so my ‘Trading Day’ did not start until I sat down in front of the computers at just before 10am. My first trade with my “Any-Time” system came along 20 mins later on the USD/GBP currency pair (also known as ‘Cable’) with a loss of 20 pips. This is never a problem, no system can be 100% successful and losses are just an expense of trading the markets. Overall all of my systems are +80% profitable over the many years I have been trading them. Anyway – I had another six trades before I had a break for a long lunch in town.  There was important economic news out at 1:30pm (GMT) in the USA, so I excused myself for a couple of hours of relaxing ‘man chat’.  Looking at the charts when I returned, I could see there was a successful trade on the FTSE Index just before 1:30pm, but the risk far outweighs the gain when trading around economic news announcement times. It’s just gambling.

The afternoon at my desk provided me with another couple of trades just after 3pm and the day’s total came to +107 pips after taking 9 trades with just one loser amongst that total.

My evening system (Trade With A Day Job) gave me my usual 20 pips, so the day’s profits came to +127 pips and rounded off a very successful week (again) The sums are below:

Any-Time System ~ 482 pips for the week                                                                                                                                                              Trade With A Day Job ~ 100 pips for the week

As you can see - the cost of my system manuals will not change your standard of living, but the earnings most certainly will !!

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