My Trading day ~ Wednesday 23rd Sept. ’09

Good morning to you all – I hope you are enjoying the sunshine today.

Yesterday’s trading (Wednesday) started leisurely after a late night out, and after a brief cycle ride and a bit of toast and coffee, I was installed in front of the screens at 9am – watching for my first trade.

Just before 9:30 I had a signal on the USD/CHF (AKA – The Swissy) which gave me a 10 pips start to my day’s trading balance. Just one more trade occurred in the morning session (at 11am) before I went for a walk into town to grab a bite to eat. I was back a couple of minutes before 1pm and got straight into a trade with the German DAX Index, and 5 more trades were completed by 6pm on the ‘Any-Time’ system. The total for the day’s session was 8 trades and a profit of 39 pips (with 2 losing trades in amongst them)

My ‘Trade With A Day Job’ had 2 trades and I came away with the usual 20 pips at the end of the evening.

While I was in front of the screens yesterday, I did manage to ‘clean up’ the results table for my evening trading system, so if any of you would like to see a copy, please email me and I will send one over. That goes for my eBook – “How To Consistently Succeed In The Stock Market” – just request a free copy

I hope you are enjoying the sunshine (if you have it ┬áin your part of the country) I am out in the garden trading today on my laptop – not many more opportunities like this before the Autumn is with us.

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