My Trading Day ~ Wednesday 16th September

Good morning to you all.

An interesting conversation happened in the pub on Tuesday evening. The discussion got around to our various jobs  –  which included a car trader, a property developer, a Financial ‘Consultant’, an employee of Ford Motor Company and two of us who trade the markets  –  and the hours we keep. I was proud to say that I can work at any time that suits me (Mon-Fri) and it was impossible to work at the weekends, which I think is an advantage, because it is a great shame that a lot of the population is forced to work on Sundays when that day should be devoted family/friends and relaxing. That’s another subject I could rant on about for hours – and frequently do…..

Anyway – as I hadn’t had a lot of beers, I decided (after our curry) to get back home and trade the nightime session – and follow it up with a leisurely Wednesday daytime reading and watching a few DVD’s that I had never got round to enjoying. So at half past midnight, I was back in the office watching my screens. Obviously at this time of night, the best instruments to trade are currencies, so I started watching the Euro/Yen and AUD/$ as the Asian market was actively trading and I also had my eye on the $/Swiss franc for good measure.

My first trade signal came up ( on the ‘Any-Time’ system) at 1:45am on the Euro/Yen (+10 pips) and for the rest of the night – up to 6am I completed another 4 trades, and a total profit of 46 pips (with no losing trades) I did start flagging around 4am, but coffee and Red Bull kept my concentration levels up. I generally only sleep for 4 or 5 hours a night, so I felt ok with just a few odd hours of sleep during Wednesday day time – and I ended spending most of the day answering emails and just had an early night. I was so pleased with the night time trading session, that I am going to make it a regular feature every week as it gives me an ‘extra’ day of free time after the night session is completed.

I was back at 5pm to trade my ‘Trade With a Day Job’ system – and that provided my usual 20 pips just after 7pm – so a total of 66 pips profit for the day.

Back to trading my ‘normal’ hours today (Thursday) – I hope you are all having a nice, profitable one.

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