My Trading Day ~ Thursday 24th Sept. ’09

Good morning to you all – what a gloriously sunny day it was yesterday (Thurs.)

When you have mornings as bright and sunny as we had, it does make you (well – me anyway) want to get up early and enjoy some wide open spaces out in the countryside – which I did, on my bike – leaving home at 6am and having a lovely hour long ride along the river bank.

Back at home, showered & breakfast consumed – I was ready in front of the screens at 8am, but after 10 minutes deliberating, I decided to take my laptop out into the garden and watch the markets in the sunshine.

At 8:35 I had my first signal, which came along on the S&P500 index, and gave me a start of +15 for the morning – and for the rest of this first session I had signals for 2 more trades. As I was out on the patio anyway, I had my lunch ¬†there while watching my laptop, and the afternoon session started with a trade on the Euro$ at 1:30pm (+12) and all in all, by the times I called it a day ay 4:30pm I had completed ¬†8 trades, which is about average, and profited by 63 pips. Out of those 8 trades, I had just 2 losing trades – which again is around the average for the “Any-Time” system.

I was back inside for my “Evening” strategy, and that had one signal and gave me the usual 20 pips, so the score for the whole day came in at 83 pips. Not bad for a day where I spent most of it lounging in the garden. Just hope today is going to be the same. As I write this, the sun is still holding out, so I am going to stay out here for the time being – and keep my fingers crossed !

I hope you all have a profitable day.

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