My Trading day ~ Thursday 17th Sept. ’09

Good morning to all of you out there.

A usual “working” day was planned for yesterday (Thursday) so a quick cup of coffee at 6 o’clock after a invigorating cycle ride – and I was in front of my computers by 6:15am.

I watch 5 or so different instruments normally with my “Any-Time” system – across 3 screens (it can be done easily on one screen if you have to) but due to my interest this week in the price of GOLD – I added that chart to my normal set-up.

My first trade signal came at 7:15 (Euro/Yen) and gave me an opening profit of +7 pips, closely followed 5 mins later with a trade on the S&P index (+10 pips). Just before 8am – I had the signal on the GOLD chart that I had been waiting for. I had an idea that the price of this commodity was a little overstretched, so I was looking for a reversal in the upward trend, either as a complete change of direction, or merely as a breather while profit taking ensued. That trade gave me a nice +30 pips. I completed another 3 trades before another cycle ride at lunchtime – and just one more trade was signalled (euro$ +17 pips) before my day was over.

The “Trade With a Day Job” strategy gave me a bit more profit than usual – due to an unique signal – so I ended the day with 24 pips on that system and +53 pips on the “Any-Time” strategy.

So far this week I have managed a total profit of well over 300 pips – quite a nice amount for the hours I have put in. Obviously I trade at higher levels, but even if you were trading at only £5 per pip, you would be at £1500 already – with Friday’s total to still be added. Not too bad as an alternative to working for a boss – and it’s tax free if you live in the U.K. Happy days.

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