My Trading Day ~ Monday 21st Sept. ’09

Good morning to you all – and I hope you are looking forward to profitable day on the markets.

Yesterday started leisurely – as it was Monday, and I had just enjoyed a long weekend away – so I grabbed a coffee at 9am and set up my screens for the day’s trading ahead.

My first trade signal came along at 9:45 (on the S&P) and that gave me +10 pips towards the days total. I had three more trades before I broke for a lunch break just after midday. back in the study at just before 1pm – and I had 2 trades straight off on a couple of currency pairs – and another 2 completed my day’s trading by just after 3pm – so all in all – 8 trades for the day and a grand total of +58 pips. A nice short working day to ease me into the week ahead !

Looking at the charts this morning, there was a trade yesterday on my GOLD chart, but to be perfectly honest, I completely forgot to look at that commodity as I had my head full of other things ! Oh well.

I had been invited out yesterday early evening, so I took my laptop with me and watched my “Evening Trading System” from a friends kitchen table – and just after 6pm I had a signal to enter a trade – which gave me my usual 20 pips 45mins later. So yesterday’s profit was a nice +78 pips.

I have organised a morning’s fun activities with some friends, so I will not be trading much today – I will let you know later how much trading I did get round to. This is the beauty of having a small business like this – you have no customers or large overheads to worry about – and you can have a day off whenever you want (on the spur of the moment) because the markets will still be there when you decide to return.

I hope you all have a grand day !

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