My Trading Day ~ Friday 25th Sept. ’09

Good morning to you all – and I hope you all had a pleasant weekend.

My ‘Trading Day’ on Friday started with my usual portion of exercise with a bike ride along the river at 8am – and back for a quick breakfast at 9. I was in front of my laptop at 9:15am waiting for the first signal on my “Any-Time” Trading System – and that came along at exactly 9:30 with a winning trade on the FTSE 100 index (+12). Another 3 came along in quick succession within 30 minutes – so when I grabbed a cup of coffee at 10:30 I was in profit for the morning. Not an unusual occurrence, I hasten to add !!  Another 3 trades completed my morning session by just after midday.

There was some ‘market moving’ economic news out at 1:30pm (GMT) so I had an extended lunch break and I was back in front of the laptop at 1:45pm and I had another 4 trades for the afternoon. All in all – my “Any-Time” system gave me 11 trades for the day and  total earnings of 104 pips.

My “Trade With a Day Job” strategy signalled a trade just after 6pm and the normal 20 pips were in the bag 20 minutes later.

Looking at the whole week – my earnings were 264 pips for a 4 day working week on my “Any-Time” system and 80 pips for the evening one – as there was one day where we had no signal. If you were trading at only £5 per pip, you would have earned £1320 full time (well, 4 days) and £400 part-time. I have a sheet that explains the kind of money you can earn when you start off by trading my evening System part-time, and it shows how quickly you can build up your earnings – in a matter of months. Please email me if you would like a copy.  If you were to consider this as a full-time occupation, eventually you should be looking to trade at a level of around £20 – £30 per pip. You can work out your earnings !!  And they are Tax Free.

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